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After marriage to spend more time with my boys, I decided to have a once a month Saturday night poker game at either our or our closest friends houses.  This has been going on now for about six years and generally we play from about 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM with myself and 3 or 4 other guys. We picked Saturday because we didn't have to get up the next morning and go to work. Some nights the other wives would come over and they would play cards, games or just talk in another room with my wife. When the wives came we would get together earlier around 5:00 pm and have a meal before we husbands played poker.  Most of us have all known each other for years as we all live in or near the same neighborhood.  We are all between the ages of early 40’s to early 60’s and seem to get along well together.
This night none of the other wives came so my wife Nandini was left to entertain herself while we four guys drank, played cards and shot the bull. After a while around 9:30 she came in and said she had run out of things to do and was a bit bored and asked if she could sit in and play also. Nandini knows next to nothing about poker so I told the other guys that we could teach her while we played if that was okay with them, which it was. We had been drinking since about 7:30 so we were a bit tipsy and having a fun time. My wife Nandini is in her mid 30’s with black hair, 5’3” and about 120lbs. Not the 110lbs as when we were first married but still a very attractive woman. She was wearing slippers, a pair of snug fitting jeans and a plain white blouse top with bracelet, nose pin and earrings. I had heard a couple of the guys comment about her (when they dididn't know that I could hear them) that they found her very attractive and had even had a couple of rather crude comments about what they would like to do with her. This was okay as I had made similar remarks about their wives to some of the other guys also.

After playing a few hands while Nandini watched and we explained what we were doing, she thought she understood the basics and was ready to try playing. We guys always start out with 2,000 rupees when we play that way no one goes home broke. Nandini went and got her 2,000 from her purse and came back ready to play. One of our favorite games is 5-card stud and anyone that drops out or loses the hand has to take a short shot of whatever they are drinking that night. I was drinking scotch but Nandini doesn't like that so she asked Aman if she could have some of his Rohit which was okay with him.

We continued our game and Nandini won several hands as we let her win but after about a half hour she was starting to get a bit cocky saying that poker wasn't so hard and she was going to clean us out and go shopping on Monday with our money. Well after that we really showed her no mercy at all and her pile of money started to come back to us. By 11:00 she was almost broke but didn't want to quit playing. I told her I would front her some money but she would have to give me some collateral. She jokingly said she would put up her earrings for 300 rupees so I gave her the money and after about 5 minutes she needed another loan. So I loaned her 300 rupees  more for her bracelet and after another 10 minutes that money was gone. Well I was getting a bit low on funds myself so Aman told her that the Rohit that she had been drinking was a gift but he needed collateral to loan her money, so she gave him her tennis shoes. Which gave all of us guys a big laugh! About 10 minutes later and she needed another loan. This time everybody was real quiet and no one said anything just looking at me and Nandini. I told them that whatever she wanted to use to secure a loan was ok with me. Nandini just gave a little kind of half laugh and offered up her jeans. Well that got her 500 rupees from Dev which lasted her for another 15 minutes. Well it was almost a quarter to 12 by how and it definitely getting warm in our den on this night. Her next loan from Jai for another 500 rupees cost her, her blouse top and now she was down to just her bra and panties which only lasted her to midnight.Now just about out of money and clothes Nandini offered up her bra for collateral. Everyone again looked to me and I said if that’s what she wants to do I’m okay with it. Dev said he would front her 600 rupees for her bra so she unhooked her bra and threw it across the table to him. Well all the guys were differently looking at her puffy breasts which are a very nice size with nice nipples that were now looked rock hard from all the attention they were getting. We continued playing and drinking and I could tell that Nandini was pretty well drunk. That’s the only reason that I can think of for her going this far. But I have to admit I was finding her behavior very exciting and it looked like the other guys did also. Around 20 minutes after midnight Nandini was asking for another loan with only her panties for collateral. Aman was down to 1200 rupees but he gave her half of that just to see if she would really go through with removing them. Well she took his money, stood up and backed away from the table, laughed, hooked her thumbs in the waistband and peeled them off and threw them to Aman. He was so shocked that she really took them off that her panties hit him right in his face. Which made all of us laugh!

Well, within 10 minutes she was down to her last 200 rupees and needed more money to stay in on the hand that we were playing, she was also completely out of clothes and jewelry to offer for collateral. She said she knew she had a winning hand she just needed a little more money so she could stay in. I told her, you know the rules you’re out of money and collateral so you’ll have to fold unless you have something else to offer. The table got perfectly quite as that statement sunk in to everyone. I got up to get some more ice and I could see Nandini had wrapped her arms around her breasts and was thinking about what I had said. The guys all sat very quiet trying not to stare at her but wondering what she was going to do. When I came back to the table with the ice, I asked her if she had made any decision. She replied that she would give me a blowjob here at the table in front of everyone if I would loan her 800 rupees to bet on this hand and she lost. I told her I didn't have any more money to loan and that she would have to ask one of the other guys. She gave me a strange look, took a another drink of Rohit, looked at Aman and told him, I've been drinking your Rohit all night, so how about I give you a blowjob if I lose this hand? It will only cost you 600 rupees. Aman looked at me and I nodded my head ok. He handed her the money all the time smiling until I thought his face would crack. I was also smiling because I was sitting there with a straight flush and I didn't think Nandini could top that! We finished playing out the hand and Nandini only had four of a kind.

Everyone seemed nervous and excited when they realized what was going to happen next. Aman looked at Nandini and told her she could just give him the 600 rupees and he would call it square but Nandini said that she had agreed to the terms and she would pay up as long as I didn't mind. I told Aman and her that I was good with the terms she had made. Nandini stood up naked and walked over to Aman’s chair, took his hand and had him stand up and then undid his belt, unbuttoned the slacks and let them slide down to his ankles and pulled his underpants down to rest on top of his slacks. She then pushed him back so his butt was resting on the edge of the table. His dick had sprung up and was only covered by his shirttails at this point. Nandini moved his shirttails out of the way and grasp his dick at the base with one hand and his balls with her other. She pumped his dick about 8 or 10 times and then licked the head. That was all Aman could take, he shot his load on her face. Aman moaned as he came and looked like he was going to pass out. Nandini took two fingers and wiped his cum from her face then licked her fingers off. She told Aman that she didn’t think he had gotten his moneys’ worth and that she felt that she still owned him another blowjobs if he wanted it. He said that he most definitely did and for her to just name the time and place. Dev, Jai and myself each got a kiss on the cheek from Nandini before she left the table. She called out to Aman to bring her panties back when he was ready for her to finish her makeup blowjob on him. Dev, Jai and most of all Aman just looked at me and told me I was one lucky bastard to have a wife like Nandini. I most definitely agreed! I asked the guys of they wanted to play at our house next month and if any of them wanted to bring their wives but they seemed happy to just have Nandini to play us.

After the guys left for home I went upstairs to talk to Nandini and make sure she was ok with what had happened but she was fast asleep and I didn’t have the heart to wake her. The next morning while having breakfast, I asked my wife if she was ok with what had happened last night. She began to cry as she remembered what she had done last night and she was afraid that I would be upset with her for getting naked and giving one of our friends a blowjob while our other friends looked on. I told her I wasn’t mad or angry but proud of how sexy and exciting she had been. I also reminded her that Aman would be bringing her panties back to her to get that makeup blowjob. I also told her to let me know so I could be there too. Let me say that my wife gets very playful if she has been drinking and has a few too many. She had a very repressed upbringing and in the past liquor is usually what breaks down her inhibitions to the point that she will do crazy things at the spur of the moment. It looks like we may have reached a new point in our marriage.

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