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[Image: cover-savita-bhabhi-episode-89.jpg]

Savita has been so overworked trying to make her tiffin company succeed that she faints in the kitchen one day. When she’s revived in the hospital, however, she wakes up to a new business partner.
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[Image: Vela82_000_5tqi.jpg]
In episode 82, Velamma gives her new friend a mini-tour of the city to enjoy the sounds and tastes of India. After meeting Hariprasad, a jovial tour guide, they visit a palace deep in the jungle cursed by the ghost of an old King. The only thing that can ease his eternal suffering is a taste of Velamma.

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[Image: sb88-00-b_1ivy.jpg]

As Savita’s tiffin business takes off, she hires in episode 88 a charming teenage restaurant delivery boy as her dabbawala. But a horny teenager in the house makes Savita a target of his constant erections!

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[Image: Vela81_000_text_4u89.jpg]

Velamma and Veena in episode 81 decide to spend some mother-daughter time together. However, their shopping plans go awry when Veena sees something she must have, leaving Velamma alone in presence of a sly and predatory salesman. Will Velamma be able to fend for herself? And what did Veena see and could not resist? Will her newfound aggressive behavior be her undoing? Find out the answer to all of these questions in this episode of Velamma series.


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[Image: sb88-cover-b_l99n-1.jpg]

Dissatisfied with her demotion at work, Savita in episode 87 explores alternative career options. She meets her ex-colleagues Bade Sahab and Vedant for a lunch. They realize that Savita has always been a good chef. They used to enjoy her meals at office parties. After lunch, Savita quits a job and starts a new meal delivery business on her own.  But when she’s overwhelmed on her first day of business, she must prove that her customer service and hands-on approach are more satisfying than her competitors!


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[Image: Vela81_000_text.jpeg]
When Ramesh forgets his lunch at home in episode 80, Velamma plans to surprise Ramesh at work with a good meal and some sexy time. She enters men toilets to (un)dress up to her sexy lingeries when suddenly a cleaner comes in to clean the last room. Velamma suddenly spills the water and the cleaner falls down. Instead of being with Ramesh, she ends up entertaining someone else’s desire after a small mishap.

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[Image: sb86-000-cover_0l2k-3.jpg]

Farhan is fed up with Savita skirting her work and showing up late in the episode 86. He works all night and the boss doesn’t even appreciate that. Angry Farhan is complaining about Savita’s work and he starts to threaten Bade Sahab with the picture of him and Savita having fun. The boss decides to steal his promising app with Savita’s help. But catching her snooping around his computer is the last straw, and he makes an ultimatum to Bade Sahab: Either Savita is fired, or he leaves the company and sells his promising app to the rivals.

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[Image: Vela79_000_52w4.jpg]

In episode 79, when Ramesh’s casual predictions at work about a cricket game come true, her colleague convinces him to try his luck by betting some cash in the bar. Ramesh wins more bets that he loses so the bookies want their money back. He doesn’t want to be fooled by bookies, but all the savings he has are Velamma’s. And he knows that he would end up losing more than just money. Money, which Velamma has saved from her night cam job. But she is willing to get the money back from the bookers on her own by going down with them. Is it a small price to pay?

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[Image: sb85-000-cover-_obve-1.jpg]
Savita Bhabhi’s been having so many exciting and fun sexual adventures of late that she hasn’t had a spare moment to actually go to work in episode 85! When she does finally return to the office, she’s surprised to find a new employee sitting at her desk, a young man named Farhan. At first, Savita tries to play nice with the new hire, until she discovers a danger to her job: Farhan is talented, ambitious, and motivated, in direct contrast to her own lax performance. Of course, Savita has her sexy charms, but when both employees complain about each other to Bade Sahab, the boss makes Savita re-apply for her job–and prove her ability to thrive under his strict managerial discipline!

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[Image: savita-bhabhi-84-pg-000.jpg]
Cute stray dog finds its way in episode 84 into Savita’s backyard, and she decides to keep it as a pet. The little dog named Ozzy needs to learn how to behave after destroying her and her husband’s clothes. Savita takes the puppy to obedience training where she finds out that the trainer possesses the power to control her own naughty behavior as much as he does the animals’!
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